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3 Steps To Get Your House Noticed And Sold!

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Your home is on the market, and you need it to sell immediately so you don't have to carry two mortgages or so you can move cross-country for that new job. Unfortunately, the open houses aren't generating much interest, and the real estate agents have other properties to show. What your house needs is a quick mini-makeover. Here are three steps to get your house noticed. 

Get A Dumpster

Before you schedule your next open house, rent a dumpster. Most people's homes are filled with stuff they don't need. Junk in closets, the attic, the basement, and every other nook and cranny that can be filled will not impress prospective homeowners. They want to see the house, not your stuff.

Go through every room in the house, from top to bottom, and find stuff to get rid of. Everything that you have been saving for twenty years because you might need it someday can be thrown away now; you don't need it anymore. A de-cluttered house and closets will make the home look larger than it actually is. When you are done going through stuff, go through it all again. You want to get yourself to a minimalist state. Just think how much easier packing and moving will be if you aren't hauling needless junk.

To get started, talk to companies like Ware Disposal about dumpster rental. 

Get The Whole Gang In On The Action

Every family member needs to participate in the clean-up process. Give each child three boxes, with one marked "Donate," one marked "Keep," and one marked "Trash." Instruct them to sort through their toys, clothing, and other possessions and decide what they want to save and what can go. Younger children may need help with this process as they often want to keep everything.

You can also consider allowing the kids to hold a one-day rummage sale with the things they have decided thy don't want anymore. Let them keep the proceeds and use it for a pizza party or a new game for everyone. This can help them get rid of stuff they might otherwise struggle to keep. Whatever is left at the end of the sale can go to your favorite charity or get thrown in the dumpster.

Spruce Up The Place

If you have lived in the same house for years, the walls are probably dingy and the everything probably smells stale to outsiders. Open the curtains and windows to let in the light and some fresh air. Scrub the walls and floors with a lemon-scented cleaner. Bleach the bathroom. Consider having a light coat of paint sprayed in the main rooms to brighten them up.