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Making Recycling At Business Sites Easier

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Are you a new business looking for a more accurate way to recycle, or a small business that doesn't have the parking lot space for a massive dumpster? Although many cities offer sanitation solutions, the selection may be a bit limited to serve the most people with a standardized stock. As you look for ways to make recycling easier at your business, consider a few garbage removal and general sanitation problems along with some convenient solutions.

City Government Sanitation Options May Be Limited

Standard dumpsters provided to businesses by municipal governments are good for most large lots. They're big enough to handle a few offices and workstation garbage demands, but they may not be a good fit for your business--especially if you don't have a huge parking lot.

It may not seem like a big deal at first, but taking the standard option could leave you stuck in a logistics and replacement rut. The city government would have to remove the bin, and even if a private company offered to bring a better fit to your business, you'd still have to wait for the city to reclaim their property.

Residential dumpsters can be just as much of a hassle. They may be fine for individual offices or even internal use, but what happens if you need to get rid of entire computers or displays? This secondary, smaller standard option can be a waste of resources if not added to the right area, and you'll still be looking for something bigger to place large electronics and damaged furniture.

Something in the middle may sound good, but why simply look for standard solutions for your versatile business? Instead, look to a private sector source that may have a lot more variety in their containers.

Get Something Sized For Your Specific Needs

Finding a garbage container company with multiple container sizes is just the beginning. You need to think about accessibility, cleanliness, proper markings, and pickup.

What exactly are you recycling? Is it paper, or electronics such as computers or printers? Does your business need to get rid of liquids, and how many gallons or liters are being pumped out? Figure out the answers to these questions and allow a sanitation professional to get the containers you need.

If your business disposes of electronics on at least a monthly basis, a tall storage container with an opening about three to four feet high is ideal. This is to make sure that employees lifting heavier electronics won't go through back and neck strain trying to throw things away, but with enough open area for multiple electronics.

For liquids, the volume determines if you can make do with barrels or need a full pumping service. Large volumes of oils, old grease, or unclean water are best placed in a tank to be pumped out later, and a container professional can pair you with a business partner if their services do not include pumping.

Contact a sanitation professional to discuss container rental for everything from electronics to cooling liquids. To learn more, contact a company like Joe Rocco Rubbish Removal.