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Hide Your Ugly Dumpster With Ease

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When running a business, you have so many things to tend to each and every day. You have to worry about the finances, the supplies, the customers and so much more. What you might not think about is the impact that ugly dumpster is having on your business. Since it isn't always possible to tuck a dumpster away in a place that isn't seen from the street, parking area or walkways leading to the building, a custom enclosure may be in order.

You can build a nice little enclosure that is not permanent which will protect your lease on the property while getting that dumpster out of view. Here's how.

Purchase Fencing Panels

Measure the diameter of your dumpster. Most preassembled fencing panels come in 6' or 8' sections and different heights. You are looking for panels that will be tall enough to hide the dumpster and enough panels to completely enclose the unit.

Take a trip to your local home improvement store. There, you will find a variety of sizes and styles of preassembled fencing panels. Vinyl fencing is likely the best option as it is easy to clean and much lighter than real wood. The vinyl will not need to be treated as the wood will and you can easily remove any stains using a Magic Eraser.

Tip: To save a little cash, check your local classified ads to see if anyone is trying to get rid of their fencing panels. You may be able to pick up nice panels at a used price.

Select the Hardware

You will need hinges and the bolts to mount the hinges. You will need 3 hinges for each connecting point of the fencing panels except one section. So, if you are using 4 fencing panels to enclose the dumpster, you will need 9 hinges and the bolts to go with them. The last opening will be connected using a couple of latches so that you can open and close it like a door.

Tip: You may want to purchase a couple of rollers to put under the panel that is opening and closing so that you can easily roll it rather than drag it across the ground.

Get Building

Now that you have all of your materials, it's time to get building. Simple measure and mark the areas for the hinges. Make sure that everything is lining up and then mark and drill the holes. Get some help as you work to connect the panels and put them in place.

Make sure to position the opening panel towards the front of the dumpster so that you and the garbage collection team can access it with ease. Contact a service, like Grouchs, LLC, for more help.