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Tips For Saving Money On Residential Junk Removal Services

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If you're downsizing your home and need to deal with a lifetime of random junk lying around in your garage and yard, then a residential junk removal service is a lifesaver. However, if you would like to save some money on this project, then there are many actions you can take. Some of the best are listed in the tips below.

Money Saving Tip: Recycle Recyclable Items 

If you have recyclable items lying around, then you have a small savings account you can go cash in at your local recycling center to help offset the costs of your junk removal project. Rather than having recyclable items sent to the landfill, instead, recycle all:

  • cardboard
  • glass
  • paper
  • plastic
  • metal

If your community offers curbside recycling, then start stuffing the bin full of low-paying items such as paper or cardboard each week to help make your project easier.

If you have any car batteries or used motor oil, then you can recycle them for some cash at your local auto parts store.

Money Saving Tip: Have a Local Used Appliance Dealer Remove Appliances

If you have an old range, washing machine, or other appliances sitting around in your garage, then call up a used appliance dealer and ask them to come out and get them. Often, they will remove appliances for free because they can either fix them to sell or cannibalize their parts to fix other appliances.  

Money Saving Tip: Sell Usable Unwanted Items Online

If you have an old dog house, swing set, or shed that is still usable but not wanted, then you can list them on one of your local social media sales pages and quickly turn them into cash. If no one offers to purchase them, then list them for free. That usually gets them out of your yard quite quickly.

Money Saving Tip: Make Sure Your Junk Hauling Service is Licensed and Insured

Lastly, when it's time to call in the junk hauling professionals to remove the rest of the items from your yard and garage so you can move into your smaller home, make sure they are licensed and insured. This is very important, because if you try to cut corners and use someone operating without a license or insurance, then they could damage your home or become injured and turn around and sue you. Working with a professional junk removal service prevents this liability.