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How To Effectively Clean Up Your Garage

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If your garage has reached a state where you feel like you are navigating your way through a maze every time you enter your garage, it is time for a cleanout. To clean out your garage, you are going to need some time, a dumpster, and some organizational tools. 

Step #1: Pull Everything Out

On a nice day, start by pulling everything out of your garage. Don't just fling it out of your garage. Take everything out of your garage one area at a time. Set up a sorting station in your yard or driveway where you can go through all of your items. Taking everything out of your garage will allow you to really see what you have, and will allow you to make a conscious decision about what to put back into your garage. 

Step #2: Decide What You Want to Keep

Next, you need to decide what you want to keep from everything you pulled out of your garage. Only keep items that actually work and that you can use. You should also only keep items that you have used in the past year. 

For example, if you have a small fake Christmas tree that you have not used for the past three Christmas because you bought a larger fake Christmas tree, get rid of the larger tree. Don't keep it around. Or if you have an old record player that you have not used in a decade, donate it. Don't feel any obligation to keep anything you pull out of your garage. 

Step #3: Get Rid of Broken Items & Junk

If an item is broken and has been on your "need to fix" list for the past few years, it is best to throw the item away. Throw away all items that are broken down and will not be of use to anyone. Don't try to save things you can't use, and that someone else can't use. 

It is great to donate items that are in good condition. However, Goodwill doesn't want the snow shovel with the crack down the middle and a crooked handle any more than you do. You should only donate items that are of good quality that someone else could use.  

Step #4: Clean Your Garage

Before you put back the items you want to keep it is time to clean your garage. Use a broom to remove cobwebs from the ceiling. Wipe down the walls and really clean the flooring. Clean around any permanent objects in your garage, such as shelving and appliances.  

Step #5: Put Organization Systems in Place

Before you put back the items you want to keep make sure you have a way of keeping everything organized. Install shelves that you can put plastic totes in for overflow storage items from your home, such as seasonal decorations. Put up hangers for tools that you can hang on the wall. Give everything you want to keep in your garage its own distinct place; this will help keep everything nice and organized.  

If your garage is a maze, rent a dumpster and give yourself a weekend for a garage cleanout. You will enjoy your newly reclaimed space.