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Ferrous Junk Removal From A Roofing Project Site: How To Make This Process Quick And Easy

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If you recently had some work done on your metal roof, you may find that there are bits of metal and old fasteners everywhere. Most contractors will try to keep the mess to one area, but there are contractors who do not provide junk removal services in their contracts. The cost of junk removal is left to the property owner on the assumption that the property owner has a junk removal solution in mind. Since you probably do not want bits of metal and old fasteners left everywhere, here is how to make the removal of ferrous junk from your roofing project quick and easy. 

Hire a Garbage Removal Service to Drop a Dumpster on Your Property

If you want to do the cleanup work yourself, all you need is a dumpster. Rent a dumpster from a garbage removal company. Select the number of days, the drop-off and pick-up times, and pay for the rental online. Then clear a path so that the company can easily bring and deposit the dumpster for you. 

Rent or Buy a Magnetic Sweeper and Roll It Around the Property

A magnetic sweeper looks like a push broom, with one obvious difference. Instead of bristles on the broom end, it has a large magnetic bar and the means to collect all ferrous materials. Every broken or cut fastener and every rusty bit of metal laying around your property will be picked up by this sweeper. (You might like using it so much that you buy it, or keep it for a shop tool after the fact.)

Toss Larger Roofing Refuse in the Dumpster, and Then De-Magnetize Your Sweeper over the Edge of the Dumpster

While you are busy tossing and sweeping with the magnetic sweeper, the dumpster is filling up. The magnetic sweeper is also becoming full. You can empty everything the sweeper picks up by hanging the magnetized head over the edge of the dumpster and flipping the magnetizing switch to release what is stuck to the sweeper. All those dangerous little bits of rusty screws and old nails and rusty flakes of metal fall off the sweeper and right into the dumpster with the rest of the roofing refuse. Repeat these tasks until all of the waste appears to be gone and the sweeper does not seem to be picking up or catching any smaller items anymore. Then the junk company can pick up the dumpster and dispose of it all for you.