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Shred, Toss, Or Keep: De-Cluttering Your Personal Documents

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As you age, you’ll likely find that your stash of personal documents (pay stubs, tax forms, deeds, and the like) has grown exponentially. Eventually, it may get to the point that you have to ask yourself what’s actually worth keeping and what’s safe to get rid of. However, the last thing you want is to shred something that you’re going to need later on. By following this basic guide to storing, shredding, and throwing away documents, you can clear up some clutter in your home with peace of mind before the next garbage collection day. Read More»

Tips For Helping A Hoarding Friend Get Clean

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When you are deeply concerned over a close friend’s hoarding habits, you may finally build up enough courage to talk to him or her about this. When this day arrives, it’s important for you to have a strategy in place for the discussion, and you should also have a plan designed to help the person clean up his or her home. As you prepare for this day, here are some tips that may help you with this. Read More»